Advanced log grab for excavator for sale

Garner Engineering proudly presents a cutting-edge range of timber machinery for excavators. Our incredibly talented and experienced team incorporates the latest industry advancements with a precision-design process to create technology that transcends standard earthmoving equipment.

As such, when you come to us for your technology, you can trust that you will receive state of the art equipment that will optimise your application and produce incredible results. This has long been the Gardner Engineering standard, and it is something we will continue to provide with the highest passion.

What sets Gardner’s log grab for excavator for sale apart?

Gardner Engineering has long been at the forefront of Australian excavation technology. We have a team of incredibly skilled engineers who innovate with fine design principles to constantly advance our technology. Therefore, when you come to us for a log grab for excavator for sale, you can trust that it will provide the most efficient work in the industry.

But we don’t stop at making our products the most efficient in the business – we also make it the most durable. Tough, sturdy and ready for all kinds of Aussie conditions, our log grab for sale at our online store is made to stand up to tough terrain and inclement weather. This is what makes Gardner the Aussie standard in excavation machinery and why we are the country’s go-to provider.

Info about our excavation equipment

One of the best things about Gardner’s work is our variety. We design and manufacture a range of different designs to suit your application’s purpose. This includes:

  • General purpose buckets
  • Mud buckets
  • 4-in-1 buckets
  • Tilting buckets
  • Sieve buckets
  • V buckets

And a cutting-edge range of additional technology like compaction wheels, rakes and rippers, all purpose-designed to amplify your application to the highest efficiency.

Our design ethos

Gardner and its team of incredibly talented engineers proudly work with the ethos of taking earthmoving equipment to pioneering new levels. As such, you can expect the following from our team:

  • Incredible technology: Our forestry machinery is the kind of technology that ensures winning results for various applications. This is because our experts design the models before it is manufactured with the very best materials.
  • Passion: Our passion for the craft cannot be matched, and this can be seen through our log grab for excavator for sale at our online store. We always think carefully about each specification, as we love nothing more than seeing the outstanding results our passionate, specified approach can create. What’s more, we love hearing how our talents produce technology our clients love to work with – that’s our dedication to the creation of top class technology.
  • Service: We love consulting with new clients regarding our timber and forestry machinery. We know that you too are passionate about this technology and, thus, we are always happy to discuss it with you.

Want to enlist the best equipment for your business?

With all those championing elements behind our service, you can trust that Gardner Engineering has your company’s success close at heart. This machinery is essential to a raft of applications, including forestry and construction, and you can be sure that our technology has been specially-designed to suit your application.

Want to find out more from our team?

The Gardner Engineering team will be more than happy to discuss our log grab for excavator for sale at our online store. We will also be happy to help you find the best equipment for your needs. If you would like to find out more about state of the art equipment, please feel free to call us on 07 3801 3855 and we will talk you through our design module and how it can optimise your needs.