Quality Tilting Quick Hitches for Excavators in Brisbane & Beyond

When undertaking digging on a project, there are many areas that are simply too difficult to use a normal bucket attachment to get to. While you could get out there and put in some manual labour time to get it done, that’s most likely just too time-consuming. You have the excavation machinery, so make sure you also have the proper attachments to complete the job well! Utilising tilting quick hitches for excavators will most definitely end up saving you time and effort, allowing the project to be completed efficiently.

Why we’re the chosen suppliers of excavator tilting hitches

Designing and manufacturing a product such as this requires a high level of experience and skill, as you need to feel secure in the knowledge that it won’t fail at a crucial moment. At Gardner Engineering Australia, our reputation for delivering top-quality products time and time again has been built up over several years, putting us at the forefront of excavator accessories.

You can feel confident that when you buy from us, you’re buying a product that has been manufactured with precision, right here at our factory located in Australia. Since we first opened our doors more than twenty years ago, we have delivered outstanding items to our customers every time, and go above and beyond to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Choose from a range of hitches plus many other excavator accessories

We know all too well the importance of convenience, which is why we have made sure to offer a wide selection of different accessories for excavators in addition to the quality tilting quick hitches. Brisbane-based but more than happy to work with you wherever you are throughout the country, our product offering includes everything from buckets and teeth through to hydraulic thumbs and everything in between.

To give you total confidence in what we supply, we also provide a warranty on all of the Gardner Engineering Australia products for a full 12 months from the date of sale.

Do you have any questions for us?

If anything remains unclear or you’d like to discuss pricing on one of our standard products or a custom job, just give us a call directly on (07) 3801 3855. Alternatively, use our online query form and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.